The Lone Star Advantage

As the premier professional community management company in both the Dallas-Fort Worth and Greater Houston areas, Lone Star’s experience and dedication to excellence is unparalleled. Our expertise enables us to provide you value such as:

  • guiding boards in anticipating potential issues and planning appropriately
  • auditing past performance
  • making improvements based on best practices and continually improving upon these

Dedicated Team

Lone Star provides a dedicated, professional team of people to attend to the needs of each community. Each team includes a community manager, accounting manager, and administrative assistant. These teams are focused on providing high-quality, personalized service to individual communities.


Lone Star’s innovative approach to insurance, banking and contract services provides significant benefits to each Association. Lone Star has built strong relationships with numerous contractors which allow us to provide high quality work at preferred customer rates.

Solid Relationships

Lone Star interfaces with the Homeowners and provides orientation to the Homeowners in regard to their rights and obligations in the Association.


To facilitate an orderly transition, Lone Star organizes Town Hall meetings of Homeowners to elect an Advisory Board of Directors, and various Committees who are assisted and trained to assume control of the Association upon termination of the development phase.